Baba's Tomb Shrine, the Samadhi, 1969 australian devotees
Baba's Tomb Shrine, the Samadhi, 1969 australian devotees

Meher Baba declared that he was the same Ancient One come again among us as the manifestation on earth of God in human form. Born in 1894 and 'dropped the body' - died in 1969. The burial place of Meher Baba's body, the Tomb Shrine - also known as the Samadhi is on the hill at Meherabad where he established an ashram in the 1920s. Meherabad is about 6 miles out of the town of Amednagar, a high security military area, in Maharashtra state, India. In 1969 Meher Baba 'dropped his body' (died) and was buried in this structure, that was prepared years before.


He said that for 120 years after his body was entombed - the reality of this place would be as if he was still alive and in the body, that it would retain his power just as if he was still among us. Many people across India and from many other countries around the world make a journey to Meherabad to stay at the pilgrim quarters, for just a few days or a few weeks or longer, so as to pay their respect by bowing down and placing their head at his feet in the Samadhi and receiving his blessing (darshan). 


The atmosphere at the Samadhi and surrounding area is highly charged with a spiritual feeling that evokes in the pilgrim who comes with an open heart, a sense of timelessness, of eternity manifest in the everyday. The spiritual charge present at the Samadhi and at Meherabad is very natural, down to earth and freely given. 


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